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Will you Qualify for our Lease-To-Own Program
The sad truth is, most people do not qualify and do not get into our program.  Before you waste a lot of your time with us let's be clear on what works and what does not work.  We do not offer standard rentals, we offer only Lease-To-Own rentals.  Bad credit is not a big problem and can usually be fixed in 2 years or less, if you do not have high debt.  If you have debt of $10,000 or more you will not be accepted into our program because that usually takes more than 2 years to pay down, so you can qualify for a loan.  If you fall into this high debt category you can stop now and work with some other company because you will not be approved for our program.  This is for homes with values of $100,000 or less.  If you are considering a home with a value of $100,000 or more, and have the needed income, the higher debt might be acceptable.  If you have been evicted recently, or are currently being evicted, or if you just filed bankruptcy, or are in the process of filing, or will be filing soon, that will not work for our program.  If you do not have any of the issues our program will be just the help you need to get your monthly payments cut in half, once purchased, and secure your financial future, fixed for 30 years, while the price of rent and everything else continues to increase every year.

Viewing the Inside of Properties
If you just want to view the inside of the home first, before filling out any paperwork, you can do that for a $50 non-refundable fee.  After filling out the paperwork you might not qualify or get accepted which is why viewing inside first is non-refundable.  We recommend you do the steps below in order first and if you qualify and are accepted the viewing is FREE.

Our Lease-To-Own Rental process is more work than a standard rental but less than qualifying to purchase, which we help you with over 2 years or less.  That means you must follow our Investors Requirements & Steps below if you eventually want to pay half as much per month to Own instead twice as much to Rent.  In just 2 years or less you will be paying half as much per month to own your home rather than rent.  You have an Option to Purchase which means you can move out any time as long as you give us a 30 Day Written Notice, sign, date, take a picture with your cell phone and text it to us.  As long as you are current on your rent and turnover the keys and sign the move out document with our contractor you can leave any time.  Your Lease-To-Own move in FEE and the amount taken out of your monthly payments and put into a Wells Fargo Savings account for your purchase is Non-Refundable, if you move out.  You do need to be serious about eventually purchasing.  Our Sellers cannot get out as easy as you can.  They are legally obligate to sell per the written agreements even if the home goes up in value a lot, they have to sell at the agreed price.  The only way our sellers get out of the agreements is if you give a 30 day notice or you fail to make your payments and get evicted.  During your agreement you will be responsible for all repairs under $500 and the seller is responsible for any repairs over $500 that are required by the city.  If the repair is not required by the city our investors have the option to do the repair or risk having you give a 30 day notice to move out.  Our Investors are also required to pay all Taxes and Insurance during your Lease-To-Own agreement.  Our price structure is very close to standard rentals so why pay twice as much to Rent when you can pay half as much to Own, once you purchase.   The best part is we have mortgage brokers and companies to help educate and guide you through the credit repair process so you eventually get qualified to purchase.  Most people that try to purchase a home on their own just give up because the mortgage companies are so difficult to deal with and understand what it takes to qualify.  If our mortgage brokers determine you do not have the potential to qualify in 2 years or less due to high debt or other reasons you will not be accepted and will not be able to even view the inside of our homes which saves you and us time and money.

When you join our team we will help you cut your monthly housing payments in half, because your success is our success.  Once you are on our team you are just as important as any of our Investors because without you their investments are dead, doing nothing.  We buy and sell homes all over the US helping Tenants learn how to become Property Owners paying about half as much per month and getting Tax Benefits which mean higher Tax Returns at the end of each year plus all the savings that comes from paying half the amount to rent.  That will easily pay for any repairs and we make sure the majority of repairs are fixed before you move in.  You are left with minor repairs that all homeowners have.  Your Lease-To-Own Fee is all you should need to purchase.  If it ends up that you have paid more than you need, any remaining over payment is returned to you at the close of escrow once you purchase.  Bad Credit is no problem because if it's so bad you can't qualify in a year or two we will find that out and not let you sign up.  We will only pick you if you have a real possibility of getting qualified in 1 year or 2 years max.  We know what it takes to make us all successful and we only play this game to WIN ! 

Your income or your combined income with another adult must be 3 times the Rent - example $500 Rent x 3 = $1,500 income per month - bad credit is fine but no recent bankruptcy - no major debt - must be living in the area for at least 1 year and working at the same job for at least 1 year.  Tenants are responsible for all repairs  under $500 and all utilities just like all homeowners do and this helps get you ready.  Repairs should be minor as most major repairs have already been completed.  Our Investors are responsible for all Repairs over $500 if they are required by the city and all Taxes and Insurance until the Tenants purchase the home.  You are not required to purchase, it's just a very good option for you.  Our Investors are required to sell to you if you want to purchase.  We also price our Lease-To-Own Rentals very close to Standard Rentals and sometimes even lower if our Investor really wants to sell and move their investments to other homes.  That means if you decide not to purchase it's not much different than walking away from a Standard Rental which people do everyday.

Step # 1 - Drive By House
You really need to drive by the house first before spending lots of time giving us of private information.  If you drive by the house and neighborhood, and don't like the house, and don't like the area, and it doesn't work for you or possibly your kids school, you are done.  Time to move on.  If it does work for you, our investors require you to take one quick picture of the front of the house with your cell phone and text it to Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004 as proof you took the time, you like it so far, and you are ready to move to the next step.  Another reason driving by first is to confirm the ads on the home are correct.  This company website submits our ad information to 10 or 12 other sites like Zillow, Trulia, and others.  Those site change our ads and make mistake like stating fenced back yards, or attached garage, when there might be no fenced yard or a detached garage.  You need to check and confirm all is correct,  There are no lock boxes and some properties have security system that will have the police show up in a few minutes so please don't go on the property.  This also shows our investors that you are able to text pictures because that will be needed when things come up about the house.

Step # 2 - Rental Application
Filling out your Rental Application is free and we look it over before submitting it for processing and if we don't accept it at this point we will text you, not accepted.  If we do accept to submit it for processing there will be a $5 fee to submit it.  After we process your application if you are not accepted we are done and there are no other charges.  If we accept your Rental Application after processing you will pay $25 fee for processing your application and is refundable if take the home.  You must fill out our online Rental Application here at this site, no need to print or email just submit when complete.  If you need combined income we will need a separate Rental Application for each person and the fees are per house, not per person. Using your cell phone to take pictures - you must text a copy of your driver license and text a copy of your proof of income from your most recent pay stub showing your company name, your name, and the amount of your income.  Our investors do want tenants that are interested in purchasing and if you are not a good match for our investors house we don't want to waste your time showing you the house.  At this point we are not doing in depth Tenant Screening although we do need to know if you go by other names or didn't properly fill out our Rental Application.  

Step # 3 - Credit Check
This is done by our Credit Repair Mortgage Broker – Gary McNeal – 937-284-0356 cell – www.mrgloan.com – please call or text me first, Dan Ringwald 805-242-3004, so I can do a Group Text with you, Gary, and me.  If you pass credit check and you want to continue moving forward the fee for the Credit Check $20, and it is refundable if you take the home.  The Group Text will help me track the progress and speed it up if needed.  Gary will gather a little information and text or email you and me YES or NO on the possibility of fixing your credit in 2 years or less and he will not pass all the details of your information to me.  You can call or text Gary any time. 

Gary McNeal will review the “Financial Five”
credit, debt to income ratios, liquid assets (reserves), cash flow (residual income) and job and residency history.  His action plan to clients addresses these five issues plus public records (bk,foreclosures, short sale ). MAP…mortgage assurance program.. developed by Gary…is a buyer financial evaluation, instruction, monitoring and reporting system to prepare and ensure buyers will become qualified for traditional financing in a specific time frame and for us that is 2 years.  If you have no possibility of fixing your credit in 2 years our investors will not accept you.  You can continue to work with Gary to fix your credit so you can eventually qualify to purchase a home and it will help secure your financial future. 

Soft vs Hard Credit Check
We start with a Soft Credit Check where you will sign up for a FREE account with www.CreditKarma.com which will not affect or lower your credit
like a Hard Credit check and it's FREE. If you are afraid of giving away some private information on the phone or online then do your research on who you are giving it to first just like you should if you meet someone in the office of a property management company, which most people do without checking.  Bad credit is fine if we see you have the potential to get it fixed in 2 years or less.  If your credit cannot be fixed in 2 years or less, you unfortunately have debt that is too high for our investors to accept.  If your credit cannot be fixed in 2 years or less there is NO need to view the house or fill out anything else.  You would just be wasting your time and our time on any other steps below.  Our investors do require we monitor your credit and the progress you are making.  You will also be required to email or text us two months of bank statements and your most recent pay stub from where you work for proof of employment.

Step # 4 - View Inside of Home
Viewing the inside of the home is FREE if you have completed steps 1, 2, and 3.  We will schedule up a viewing of the inside of the house.   You also must text us your most recent checking account statement and a savings statement showing you have the money in the bank for the full amount to move in.  If you say you will have it all when it is time to move in, we will put you on hold for viewing the inside until you can prove and provide this information.  If you cannot do this, let's face the facts, you are not ready to move anywhere, you are just looking, because everyone requires this proof before moving forward.

Step # 5 - Tenant Screening
After viewing the inside of the home if you decide you want it we do any remaining Tenant Screening with no more fees.  After viewing the inside of the house if you decide you want the house our investors require we do the usual Tenant Screening which checks for Credit, Evictions, Criminal History, and all the usual tenant background information and that is all free too.  Although Bad Credit will not stop you from qualifying, if your credit is lower than another applicant it will be a consideration for our investors decision.  The amount you put down on the Lease-To-Own Fees will be a consideration as well so putting down more than the minimum helps get you in and helps you each month because you will pay less each month on any remaining Lease-To-Own Fee which is divided up over 1 to 2 years and paid monthly plus your Rent.  The more you put down the better chance you will get the home.

Step # 6 - Review the Rental Lease Agreement and Lease-To-Own Agreement
Once you feel no changes need to be made on our agreements you will meet with our Associate, Attorney, Property Manager, or Contractor, to sign the agreements or we will do an E-Signature Online.

Step # 7 - Move In Amount
You will need the Full Move In Amount per our signed Agreements which is the 1st Month's Rent and your Lease-To-Own Fee. This can be to our account at any Wells Fargo Bank via Debit Card, Credit Card, or Wire Transfer from your bank to ours.  As with any rental once we receive your funds, we will sign, scan, and email you and our Attorney signed copies of all Agreements which you will need for putting all utilities in your name. Once you have paid your full amount to move in you get the keys and start moving in.  

Step # 8 - Loan Qualification
You start working over the next 1 or 2 years with our Credit Repair / Mortgage Broker so you get qualified and purchase.  If you fail to make the effort and do not work with our Credit Repair / Mortgage Broker during the 1 to 2 years you will not get qualified to purchase.  Our investor will either give you a 30 day notice to move out or they might offer you to sign up for another year with more Lease-To-Own Fees and a higher price on the house.  We don't want that to happen so you need to be proactive during the 1 to 2 years so you do get qualified to purchase.  After purchase your monthly payments are cut approximately in half depending on your credit.  Your monthly payments will stay fixed at that amount for the next 30 years. After purchase it's now your Home !!!  Of course if you ever want to move you can sell the house or turn it over to property managers to rent it out for you.  We can help you get a Lease-To-Own buyer so you will not need property managers and you can sell it in one or two years. There are lots of options and we are here to help you with all of them.

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